Best One Day Traveling Tips in Lahore

Best One Day Traveling Tips in Lahore

One-day tours are usually very hectic are create great hustle. You make your tour an amazing one, it can’t happen by chance. There are numerous factors to take into account while scheduling a one-day visit in order to manage your time. Lahore is a city having its own beauty. If you want to visit all of its beautiful architecture and historical places, then you must have a few days so that you can travel and make a proper tour of Lahore. But if you don’t have much time and want to visit Lahore in one day, there are some important landmarks of this city listed below. For this, you can hire a travel guide or must hire rent a car Lahore service with a local driver so that you make no confusion during your tour.

Best Places to Visit in Lahore During a One-day tour

Plan your traveling properly to avoid any hustle.

1. Badshahi Mosque

First of all, visit Badshahi mosque in the morning. If you are visiting Lahore for the first time, starting your day with this masterpiece will make you more enthusiastic. Its gates open at 9 am. A pavilion in this Lahore wonder can accommodate thousands of worshipers at once. If you’re visiting Lahore to learn about its culture, don’t forget the Badshahi Mosque’s museum, which houses amazing sacred artifacts as well. You can visit the whole mosque in about 30- 45 minutes if you have a good guide. Don’t waste too much time there roaming. Move to your next destination.

2.  Red Fort

Red fort is very near the Badshahi masjid. It is a Mughal architecture having beautiful gardens and places. One of Lahore’s most well-known historical sites is the Red Fort, which you must visit if you’re here. A stunning heritage site, the Red Fort is sometimes referred to as the Lahore Fort. This wonderful historical site must be seen if you are in Lahore. It also has museums in it. It was once home to many Mughal empires from different origins, that’s why this place has diversity in its designs.

3. Sheesh Mahal

On one side of Red Fort, you will find an adorable place named Sheesh Mahal. Yes, you read it right, as its name indicates it is a beautiful place designed with artistic mirror work. The uniqueness of this place is that its courtyard’s walls are full of mirrors and it looks beautiful in daylight as well as at night. It was the place that Shah Jahan built before the Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz. It is present in the Red Fort but has its own value that’s why mentioning it separately. From Sheesh Mahal, you can get a better and best view of Badshahi masjid and Red fort. Sheesh Mahal is one of the best family tour places in lahore.

4. Wazir Khan Mosque

At a short distance from Lahore Fort, there is Wazir Khan Mosque. This place doesn’t get much tourists’ attention as Badshahi mosque gets. That’s why it has a very less crowd and you can visit the whole mosque peacefully. It is a beautiful masterpiece of architecture from the inside as well as the outside. It was also constructed by the Mughal Empire Shah Jahan in 1641. It is an amazing ornate of complex tilework.

5. Dehli Gate market

When you get out of the Wazir Khan Mosque, at its entrance you can see the Dehli gate market. It is one of the historic gates of the Walled City of Lahore. The Walled City of Lahore is also known as Old Lahore and it once had 13 gates. Most of them are destroyed now. The market at Dehli gate has a lot of shops and while walking through the bazaar, you will find locals to meet. The locals are very good with tourists and offer their hospitality.

Bottom line

According to Haririi rent a car Lahore, Other than the above-mentioned, there are also many places to visit in Lahore. You can visit more places in one day if you don’t travel from local convenience. It is better to hire your personal car in Lahore. This will be good for your time management and proper navigation.

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