Best hill stations for one day trip from Lahore

Best Hill Stations for One Day Trip From Lahore

It is impossible to convey the beauty of Pakistan in a few words. In addition, Pakistan boasts beautiful vegetation, lush valleys, spectacular lakes, powerful rivers, and rich soil, all gifts from Allah. Here is a list of the top hill towns in case you’re thinking of taking a day trip out of Lahore.

List of 5 Best Hill Stations for Trip In Lahore

Are you sick and tired of this heat? Would you like to see some fascinating places? Here is a list of the five best hill stations for a day trip from Lahore if you live in the city and wish to visit a more relaxed place for a tour. This list will be very useful if you just have a small amount of time and wish to see the hill stations in one day.

1. Kanhatti Garden

From Lahore, Kanhatti Garden is a fantastic day trip. There are currently a ton of tourists there from both home and abroad. It is 290 kilometers from Islamabad and 300 kilometers from Lahore, respectively. It serves as Islamabad’s and Lahore’s geographic center as a result.

An engineer and a resident built this beautiful garden in 1933. Major W. Whitburn was his name. The number of different species of trees is about fifteen, and they include apricot, almond, pineapple, and nagpurisangtara.

A member of the District Council named Khushab distributed it. To assure routine maintenance, the PTDC (Punjab Tourism Development Cooperation) acquired ownership of this facility in 2014. The squared-shaped garden is surrounded by the reserve woodland. This amazing garden contains 20 plants, 60 herbs, and 15 different kinds of grass. Each year, this garden draws hundreds of local and foreign visitors.

2. Upcoming valley (Ochali Lake)

The location of this valley is towards Khushab’s northwest. Lahore and Soon Valley are separated by just over 327 kilometers. It can be completed in less than six hours. It’s commonly known that this fantastic place has beautiful surroundings. It also has several springs, lakes, mountains, valleys, and vast grasslands, among other natural characteristics.

It is 35 miles long and 9 miles wide. There are roughly 32 communities in the valley. If your plans call for a day trip from Lahore, we suggest going here. Some of the most well-liked tourist attractions in the area include waterfalls, hilltop views of Khabeki Lake and Jahlar Lake, the Tomb, and other sites.

3. Mine Khewra

This mine is situated in Jhelum’s Khewra neighborhood. More than 258 kilometers separate Lahore from Khewra Mine, a distance that can be traveled in under 3:30 hours. It is Pakistan’s largest salt mine and the second-largest salt mine in the entire globe.

There have been over 140 years of use. The Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation currently has control over its administration. In 1872, it was discovered. The main tube of the mine started to draw a lot of tourists around 2002. Data indicates that between 35.000 and 40.000 people visit this location annually. There is a place that can be traveled to in a day from Lahore with the least amount of difficulty.

4. Kallar Kahar

The lovely hill town of Kallar Kahar in the Chakwal district is a preferred location for picnics because it has quick access to the Lahore-Islamabad motorway. Roughly 247 kilometers are separating Kallar Kahar and Lahore. With a car, this journey may be finished in three hours or less.

It is the most enticing location because of the breathtaking view of the mountains and Kallar Kahar Lake. Anyone traveling from Lahore to Islamabad must stop at this incredible location. It is the highest point in the Soon Valley, rising more than 5000 meters above sea level.

5. Changa Manga

The nearby tourist destination, Changa Manga, is 78.2 kilometers from Lahore. A man-made forest was created in Kasur to serve as a source of firewood. Although it was constructed when Britain was in power, it is today a well-liked weekend getaway location for day outings with friends and family that draws both local and foreign visitors.

Visitors have access to a variety of leisure opportunities. Kids will love the animal park’s little zoo. There is also a water wheel, swimming holes, and suspension bridges.


Lahore is famous for its extensive cultural legacy, artistic accomplishments, and historical significance. It is the largest and most well-known city in Pakistan after Karachi. Lahore is home to around 8.5 million people. Both domestic and international visitors laud Lahore’s inhabitants for their warmth and friendliness.

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